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Use of the Grand Tour in Remote Sensing

John A. McDonald and Steve Willis
University of Washington (1987)
15:00 minutes

Here's the initial image showing the confluence of two rivers.

Here's the mouse is used to select pixels from of one of the regions of interest: the transept of the river where waters of the two tributaries have not yet totally mixed.

Now the multivariate array is displayed using the grand tour in Dataviewer.

This video uses Dataviewer, software written by Andreas Buja and Catherine Hurley, to analyze Landsat data. It starts with an image of the confluence of two rivers near Manaus, Brazil. The area shown includes forest and grassland. Pixels are selected from several areas of the image, and these form an array of data: each pixel is represented by a longitude, a latitude, and four spectral bands. The grand tour is used to view the resulting data.

This video is primarily of interest for those who are working with image data, or learning about applications of high-dimensional rotation methods.

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