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Visualizing Panel Data

Martin Koschat and Deborah Swayne
Bellcore (1992)
20:00 minutes

This video shows the use of XGobi to explore panel data. In addition to scatterplots, a plot called the "case profile" is used -- it's a parallel coordinates plot of a small number of cases. The data explored represent hourly telephone usage (number of calls placed) over some weeks or months, and the case profile is used to display time series plots.

In the upper righthand figure, the time series plot in the main window is on a different scale than that in the case profile window. An interaction between time-of-day and week-of-year is being discovered.

In the lower lefthand figure, the main window contains a 3D scatterplot of the first three principal components, while the case profile window is being used to explore the weekly usage for an unusual customer over the course of a year.

To produce the lower righthand figure, projection pursuit of the first five principal components was run, resulting in a V-shaped scatterplot in the main window. In the figure, one leg of the V has been brushed blue.

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