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Ozone in the Northeast

Richard A. Becker, William S. Cleveland, Beat Kleiner & Jack L. Warner
AT&T Bell Laboratories (1978)
3:00 minutes

The video shows the regional nature of ozone transport in the Northeast US -- you can see ozone concentrations carried from the New York area into central Connecticut and Massachusetts, resulting in high ozone concentrations there, even though these areas do not produce the ozone themselves.

Ozone concentrations are represented by circle size (area?). The circle making up the clock is the size of the EPA standard for ozone.

The movie was shot frame-by-frame from a monitor on a DDP 224 computer running the GR-Z graphics software (the graphics subroutine library underlying S). Jack Warner did the coding and data management; Rick Becker was involved with the GR-Z library; Bill Cleveland and Beat Kleiner were responsible for the data analysis.

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