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Dynamic Displays of Data

Richard A. Becker and Robert McGill
AT&T Bell Laboratories (1985)
23:00 minutes

Here sits Rick Becker pointing at the screen of the AT&T terminal that was used in this video.

This video tape is a tutorial that shows various kinds of dynamic displays. It was made with a professional video crew filming people and displays on 3/4" video tape. Post-production was done on 1" reel-to-real video tape. Bob McGill was director of the video production; Rick Becker did the on-screen narration and the software. The equipment was an AT&T Teletype 5620 bit-mapped display terminal that ran a Motorola 68000 CPU internally. The 5620 ran all of the dynamic graphics programs; they were written in C, cross-compiled, and downloaded into the 5620 for execution. Below the terminal was an AT&T 3B2 computer running Unix and S -- the equipment shown on the desk was the total needed to support the application.

The tutorial shows dynamic point identification, dynamic power transformations, regression leverage in which a point is moved and the least-squares line is recomputed in real time, a mouse-controlled straightedge, 3-d point cloud rotation, and brushing a scatterplot matrix. There is a lot of motivational material, including 3-D models. It also has an interesting soundtrack of computer-generated music. This video was made to show dynamic graphics techniques that WERE NOT primarily 3-D rotation, which had been the main focus of dynamic statistical graphics from the time of Prim-9.

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