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A Tribute to J. Bertin's Graphical Data Analysis

G√ľnther Sawitzki
Universität Heidelberg (1997,2014)
3:26 minutes

Among the rich material on graphical presentation of information in "La Graphique et le Traitement Graphique de l'Information" (1977), engl. "Graphics and Graphic Information Processing" (1981), Jaques Bertin discusses the presentation of data matrices, with a particular view to seriation. "A Tribute to J. Bertin's Graphical Data Analysis", presented at the SoftStat Conference '97, gives an appraisal of this aspect of Bertin's work. Bertin's approach has been implemented in the Voyager system for data analysis. This is a video of the SoftStat '97 presentation using Voyager. Video recorded in Feb. 2014.

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