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Open Source/Freeware/Shareware

  • Arc (was R-code) - applying regression to data (Cook, Weisberg)
  • Descartes - Intelligent Mapping and Visual Data Exploration in the WWW
  • GGobi Data Visualization System (Swayne, Cook, Buja)
  • MANET treats missing values equally in an interactive statistical environment. (Hofmann, Unwin)
  • Mondrian is a general purpose statistical data-visualization system written in JAVA. It features excellent visualization techniques for categorical data, geographical data and large data.
  • R - flexible presentation graphics.


  • DataDesk - interactive tools for data analysis based on Exploratory Data Analysis (Velleman)
  • IRIS Explorer - General Data Viz tools
  • IDL - Focus on image Viz, but has modules that have novel multivariate tools, eg ENVI
  • ILOG Discovery - Visual data analysis tool to visualize and edit data sets in a very wide variety of views.
  • JMP - statistical Discovery Software from SAS Institute
  • jwave - web-based software
  • S-Plus - flexible presentation and ineteractive graphics.
  • Spotfire - general interactive graphics tools
  • Visual Insights - general information visualization tools; spin-off from lucent. Now with separate affiliate for data visualization: Advizor Solutions.



Special Issues



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    Also see Lee's pages on the book
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