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The Statistical Graphics section of the American Statistical Association announces a series of four posters highlighting statistical graphics. The posters are designed to highlight the central role of statistics and data visualization among empirical disciplines. They are visually attractive, to lure the eye, and project several layers of messages. These posters are ideally suited to adorn the walls of academic departments, especially where students frequent the halls.

For questions on ordering and general information email Di Cook, dicook at iastate dot edu.

Posters currently sold out!.

Poster 1: Show me the data encourages people to plot their data. The design features three eyes masked by data with the appropriate graphic as the glint in the eye.
Poster 2: Learning to draw data illustrates the conceptual phases of statistical graphics education. For example, elementary bar charts introduced in kindergarten to computer generated static bar charts commonly used in the media today to highly interactive and dynamic software to exploring categorical data.
Poster 3: Pick a box serves a warning against relying on a single number summary. Data plots provide convenient summaries of complex structure in data. This example builds on a historical material developed by Anscombe (1973) - discussed in Ed Tufte's book 'The Visual Display of Quantitative Information'.
Poster 4: Look a little bit closer encourages people to examine intricacies in their data. Even normal distributed data may arise from or contain many diverse components.
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