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Colour Publishing Grants

Although charges for publishing articles in scientific journals have declined with printing costs over recent years, the fees for including a large number of figures and/or figures in color can be prohibitive if the author's employer will not reimburse the expense. Therefore the Statistical Graphics Section proposes to institute a small grants program to pay for these publication fees, in full or in part, for articles published by Section members that focus on graphical methods or have a large and significant graphics content (e.g., graphs, maps). Eligibility:

  1. Preference for funding will be given to authors who have been a member of the ASA Statistical Graphics Section for the year in which funds are requested
  2. Preference will also be given to articles accepted for publication in a scientific journal that is indexed in Current Index to Statistics, PubMed or Web of Science.
  3. Fees to be reimbursed are publication charges by the journal, e.g., page charges or fees for printing color or for a large number of figures.

Process: Applicant should send a request for funds to the Publications Officer of the Statistical Graphics Section along with an electronic copy of the paper, documentation of the charges (e.g., invoice or email from the journal editor) and documentation from his/her employer stating the portion of these charges that they will not pay. The application will be reviewed by the Section Publication Officer, who will recommend action to the Section Chair and Treasurer. The decision to approve a grant is entirely at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the ASA Section on Statistical Graphics and is dependent on sufficient funds being available. Upon approval, the Treasurer will send a check to the author.

The Publication Officer will administer this grants program during the year and will present an annual report to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will determine limits on the program each year based on available funds, e.g., a maximum of $2500 per grant and a maximum of $10,000 expended during 2007.

Past recipients

  • Colour publication of 2009 data expo mini-papers in JCGS.
    $1850 awarded to Hadley Wickham.
  • A. Buja, D. Cook, H. Hofmann, M. Lawrence, E.-K. Lee, D. F. Swayne, and H. Wickham. Statistical inference for exploratory data analysis and model diagnostics. Royal Society Philosophical Transactions A, 367 (1906):4361–4383, 2009.
    $554 awarded to Dianne Cook
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